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The sun rose Sunday morning, the band rolled out of bed, and preparation for the Rockwave Festival began. Some members ate breakfast, some members broke out the electric razors. As usual, Chris Daniel shaved the sides of his head with the aid of Orbel. As unusual, Andrew had the bottom half of his head shaved by Chris Daniel. Thankfully the results turned out great.

We booked it in the van straight to the venue where we arrived at Terra Vibe Park. Much to our joy, we found ourselves in a fully stocked (alcohol, food, etc.) dressing room! 🙂 🙂 next door to Marky Ramone, Flogging Molly, Gogol Bordello, The Prodigy, and other well established and equally awesome bands. This was Viza’s first official festival – and to really put the pressure on, this is the biggest festival in Greece, hosting around 50,000 people per day.

Considering it was our first time we had a relatively early time slot during the day which meant we really had to impress to win these people over. A couple hundred of our fans showed up before we started to give their loving support while others stood along the rim of the park skeptically anticipating this “Viza Band” (or maybe their heads were fried from the blistering sun). But, skepticism was thrown to shit as we exploded right off the bat as we played our song Dynamite. Almost instantly a crowd began to form around the stage and Viza became a name Greece would remember for a long time. People were dancing, mosh pitting, clapping, and carrying Chris Daniel. Hiram hit so hard he almost broke his snare. K’noup spat Greek dialogue between songs. Orbel destroyed ear drums with ripping guitar riffs and screaming solos. Alex loosened Greek fans with booming bass frequencies. Andrew mesmerized fans with melodies created from his oud. And finally Shant tore up the Greek countryside with his masterful riffs blaring over the sound system. All in all, Viza went above and beyond and won over Greece. All expectations were surpassed and to quote Ice Cube, “today was a good day.”

When the show was done, and we retreated backstage. The band was in great spirits knowing they had accomplished something worthwhile. In the backstage area various Viza band members met with several members of other preforming acts. Hiram had a quick conversation and photo with Marky Ramone. Alex (a huge fan for many years) and the rest of Viza met with a couple members of Flogging Molly. Both bands quickly connected finding a similarity in an Irish Punk band with seven members and a Metal Eastern Band with too many members (haha). Viza also met with Gogol Bordello which was a huge honor!

See you at the Malmo Festival in Sweden in a few weeks!

P.S. Should I go with them?

Thank you Jake Hagopian for the photos 😉

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What a night… Paris was incredible!  Aside from a few of the guys riding a magic carpet after the show on a Universal Studios-like ride it was a great night! (Video to come I promise!)

The club was amazing and the concert rocked.  Here is some footage from the show. 

Paris is so much fun – Viza is DEFINITELY coming back. Thanks to Mario and the gang for all their love and support and for great vibes and a chance to see so many of our fans at Le Divan Du Monde.

Keep an eye out for media interviews, videos, photos and other goodies in the coming days…

In other news,

The guys discovered a club with loud music, crazy people dancing and obviously wanted to go in there and rage!!!

After waiting 20 minutes at the bar without getting a drink Chris walked out and discovered this little bar next door that was completely empty with one of the coolest bartenders we’ve ever met, this great man was Oliver!

He created a shot with vodka, kerosene and then he set it on fire with a blow torch. You’re supposed to lick a straw, put it in the shot glass and drink until the flame goes out… after 3 of those Chris came to get the rest of the crew. This place ended up being our hang out every night. We probably paid for only half the alcohol we consumed. He loved us!

We returned the following night after the show with a group of fans after announcing on stage that we want to drink with our fans!! Once again Oliver was so excited to see us he started to blast Rammstein “du hast” and we had another raging night at our favorite bar with some of the most kind beautiful fans we’ve ever come across… and as I’m typing this the band is on their way to the same bar for one last night of craziness in Paris. Next stop is Greece for the Rockwave Festival where the boys will share the stage with Gogol Bordello, Flogging Molly, Ministry and The Prodigy!

More coming soon…

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All The Way To Ronto!

Disclaimer: I will be blogging for Viza from Los Angeles! Thank you technology.

Viza is on it’s way!

The boys had some trouble this morning with Andrew’s name being misspelled on the itinerary and some unfortunate traffic problems for Mr. Daniel on the 405 freeway. For those of you not from LA the 405 is basically our punishment for living in a great city.

Anyway all is well and everyone made it onto the flight ok. While the guys were waiting for their connection in Toronto, all the band members started finding random EUR coins in their luggage and instrument cases which is quite amazing.  I guess we (they) didn’t spend it all in August last summer. 🙂

So Air Canada is pretty cool and Viza approved – all the seats have USB ports and plugs which is good for satisfying internet and Facebook addictions.  Everything is in French so I guess that’s good practice for spending time in Paris lol. Soundcheck in French? Bring the nutella!

So let’s do a contest – who will be the first VIZA member to become intoxicated and forget where he is from after drinking too many vodka/tabasco/chambourd shots? Maybe forgetting about the 405 might be a good thing.

NEXT STOP PARIS – more posts to come!

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New York, Boston, California?

So this post was supposed to be up a few days ago but my computer decided to get rid of it. Here goes another shot!

We are back home after a fun, successful mini-tour on the east coast. Last week the guys played a show in Boston at the Armenian Cultural and Educational Center. It was pretty cool as most of us had never been to Boston before. The people there were super nice and Watertown was an awesome little city! There were streets with Armenian names… I don’t think I’ve even seen that here in LA!

The car ride seemed to take forever as we packed into a van like sardines and drove for 4 hours but I guess we kept it fun. Half of us fell asleep and the rest of us that were awake fucked with the people that were asleep. When we finally got to the center the guys set up and did a quick sound check. One of the Boston fans gave Orbel the most amazing shirt. Good work! Here it is…

The guys played for about an hour. They played some new songs off of Carnivalia and some older stuff off Chernobyl. It was a successful show. People in Celtics jerseys were dancing to Viza! You can’t ask for more. The guys loved it and we met some great people.

We had decided to drive back to New York City after the Boston show because the guys were playing in NYC the next day. Considering 90% of the people in the van were drunk we couldn’t shut up. We were the most obnoxious little van keeping the quiet state of Connecticut awake.

The next day we drove to the Highline Ballroom somewhere in the Meatpacking district of New York so the guys could get their sound check done. We went pretty early because this was going to be an early show. Antranig Kzirian (Oud) couldn’t make it to sound check because he was kicking ass, graduating at Columbia University in the morning. Congrats dude! Here’s a picture of him from graduation.

When the show started the whole vibe in that room changed. Everyone was dancing, jumping, and all over the place. NYC was LOUD! The music, the lighting (thanks Gigo!) and the crowd was just epic. It kinda reminded me of the European shows. 😉 Here’s a video of Dynamite.

When the set ended the crowd was yelling VIZAAAAAAAAAA ENCOREEEEEEEE but there was a really strict curfew and the guys weren’t allowed to play any longer. This obviously didn’t sit well with the ton of people that were there so the crowd took it to the streets. When the venue kicked everyone out we turned the front of the venue into a huge NYC street party! People were singing, dancing, drumming, drinking, and autographing right in the middle of the street. It was awesome!

Pictures from the show!

For the next few days we tried to recover from all the traveling and shows but that didn’t happen. Between shows, traveling, frappes, souvlaki, drinks, and lack of sleep the guys managed to win over a new set of fans as well as play some awesome shows for their older fans. The east coast has always been so welcoming and we can’t wait to go back.

The guys will be playing the Key Club here in Los Angeles on Saturday May 21st and will then get ready to go to Europe for some shows. Unfortunately I won’t be joining them in Europe but check their Facebook for updates!

Thank you Boston. Thank you NYC. You ready, EUROPE?

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I’ve Been Fly So Long…

I fell asleep on the fuckin plane. Actually, I get too excited to sleep on planes. We’re currently in Queens, NY watching the show Cheaters on TV because that’s the only thing you can do when the Great K’noup is asleep.

You see, when K’noup rolls up to his home town it’s kind of a big deal. There is a huge celebration kinda like when Manny Pacquiao goes back to the Philippines after a big fight. People line the streets, dress colorful, throw rice, and cheer. It’s wonderful.

We all got to New York yesterday and went out to a local Greek restaurant/bar. K’noup treated us to lots of Kettle One and calamari… we can barely remember anything. I just remember us going to drink after we were done drinking.

We’re heading to Boston in a few hours. It’s one of our favorite cities considering 70% of the band watches the Lakers religiously. It’s OK though, at least we beat Dall… Anyways.

I just created a Twitter account so you can get real-time Viza blog updates. I’ll even tweet things I shouldn’t be tweeting. You can follow me @vizablog so I don’t feel so lonely.

Ok, back to getting tips on stable relationships with Cheaters. Peace!

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Hi! I promised a blog post several weeks ago and couldn’t deliver but here it is! About 5 weeks ago Viza played a show at the Troubadour. On my way to the show I stopped at a restaurant to eat this plate full of deliciousness… the only reason I’m telling you this is because I can AND because this picture still makes me hungry till today!

So after dinner we get to the Troubadour and go straight upstairs to the hideout… See, the hideout at the Troubadour is cool because you can get a good view of the stage, a good view of the crowd (aka hot chicks) and you can chill and drink! So I went to grab myself a drink and realized that Viza’s set was going to be much longer than I anticipated. They usually play for an hour or two but I’ve never seen them play for over 13 hours!

It comes time for Viza and a few of the guys hit the stage… the crowd is anxious to start rocking out and then they start playing Chop Suey? Yeah! The guys covered Chop Suey by System Of A Down and Serj’s brother Sevag Tankian joined them on stage. It was pretty hilarious… here’s a video!

The rest of the set was great as usual… and it brings us to the next show!

The guys got ready to play their April 24 Armenian Genocide benefit show. Several days before the show Antranig Kzirian (Oud), Serj Tankian, and thousands of other supporters joined to protest Obama’s fundraiser at Sony Pictures Studios. You can see some footage of that here.

The April 24th show was extremely successful. It looked sold out so I’m guessing it was! I think shows like this are extremely important, especially to make some noise and try to get some fucking recognition in this country.

Here’s a clip of A Magic Ladder from that show.

Ok I think that’s enough for this blog post. Going to go eat some of this at this place.

I will be flying out to the east coast tonight and will be blogging from Boston and New York City. Oh, and in other news, slight chance I will be traveling to Europe with the guys :-/. If you were considering to donate anything, thank you but I think it’s much more important to donate to real causes such as relief for the Japanese people or to UNICEF to provide relief in Darfur.
The NYC show will be streamed live online so stay tuned and I’ll provide the link in my next update. See ya soon, raccoon!

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